Video features

Powerful video engine for playing video media and livestreams.



  • Supports many video formats (See list below)
  • Scripting engine for integration of new media formats
  • Audio stream switching support
  • Internal and external subtitle support
  • Configurable defaults for audio and subtitle language
  • Configurable OSD for displaying state and media informations on the video
  • Video fullscreen control support
  • Support for overlay color controls
  • Support for changing monitor output on-the-fly (Switching displays for fullscreen output)
  • Support for rendering video content on desktop
  • Automatic or manual aspect ratio correction including widescreen aspects


  • Support for playing dvd from harddrive
  • Menu support
  • Title support
  • Chapter support
  • Language and subtitle switching support
  • Changing forward play speed on-the-fly
  • Codec auto detection


  • Support for playing video cd
  • Support for playing super video cd


  • General support for blu-ray container files (.M2TS)

Video requirements

Xenorate uses directshow for playing video content.

This means it uses all installed codecs from your system.


The following filters are required for some specific features:

  • DirectVobSub (Subtitle support in video files)
  • Haali Media Splitter (Dynamic stream switching, Filetypes: MKV,TS,MP4,OGM)
  • a valid MPEG-2 & AC3/DTS Decoder to play DVD´s

We also recommend to use the FFDShow codec. This codec is essential if you want to have no problems with video & audio codecs.


Xenorate supports the following known codec packs:

  • CCCP (Combined Community Codec Pack)

Supported video formats

Fileype Description Built-in
.3GP 3GP (*.3gp) No
.ASF Windows Media Audio/Video Streaming Format (*.asf) No
.AVI AVI RIFF (*.avi) No
.BIK Bink (*.bik) No
.DAT Video CD (.dat) No
.DIVX DivX Compressed Video (*.divx) No
.DTS DVD Audio File (*.dts) No
.FLV Flash Video (*.flv) No
.IFO DVD File (*.ifo) No
.IMF Indeo Movie Format (*.imf) No
.M1V M1V (*.m1v) No
.M2TS BDAV MPEG-2 Transport Stream (*.m2ts) No
.M2V M2V (*.m2v) No
.MKV Matroska Movie (.mkv) No
.MOV QuickTime 3 Movie (*.mov) No
.MP2V MPEG Video (*.mp2v) No
.MP4 MPEG-4 File (*.mp4) No
.MPE MPE (*.mpe) No
.MPEG MPEG1/2 Video (*.mpeg) No
.MPG MPEG1/2 Video (*.mpg) No
.MTS Advanced Video Coding High Definition (*.mts) No
.OGM OGG Vorbis Movie (.ogm) No
.OGV OGG Vorbis Video (.ogv) No
.QT QuickTime 3 Movie (*.qt) No
.RM RealMedia (.rm) No
.RMVB RealMedia (.rmvb) No
.RV RealVideo (.rv) No
.SMK Smacker (*.smk) No
.TS Transport Stream (*.ts) No
.VOB VOB Files (*.vob) No
.VRO VRO File (*.vro) No
.WM Windows Media Movie (*.wm) No
.WMF Windows Media Format (*.wmf) No
.WMP WMP File (*.wmp) No
.WMV Windows Media Video (*.wmv) No
.WMX Shortcut to Windows Media Video (*.wmx) No
.WVX Shortcut to Windows Media Video (*.wvx) No
.XVID XVid Movie (.xvid) No

Integrate new video formats

You can easily integrate new video formats into xenorate.

All you have to to do following steps: