Relaunch 2009

2009-07-01 00:00 by Torsten Späte

We are proud to present you the new official "Xenorate Media Player" release 2.6!
The Xenorate Project also celebrates its 10th birthday! Benefit from long years of experience and continuous improvement.

Since 1999, routines have been optimized, media support has massively been improved and also the useability has become more and more mature over the yerars.

Xenorate users enjoy an intuitive, self-explaining interface for all needs - be it MP3 jukeboxing for your inhouse parties or home cinema events with your friends. If you decide to be rather for yourself, enjoy multi monitor support!

The Xenorate team wishes you lots of fun with this new instrument of media entertainment. Technically rewritten from scratch, we provide you with the very best of 10 years of Xenorate!

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