How to solve audio problems

Xenorate detects your audio cards and it uses by default the first audio device you have configured.

In the most cases this is ok.


But if you have problems with sound, you should visit the "Configuration > Audio" dialog.


There are several options there which can help you to solve your problems:


1.) Try to choose another audio output device



In the red marked box you can select your audio output device.


Important note for vista/win 7 users:

If you want S/PDIF audio output, you must select your S/PDIF device from the list!


2.) You can change the audio playback priority


In the red marked box you can change the "Buffer Priority". Its also called "Read-Ahead-Buffer".

By default xenorate uses 250 msecs to read ahead audio files.


If you encounter audio hangs/laggs, you should change this to a different value.


There are also a "Use multicore" selection which enables multi threading for audio files.

By default its disabled and can only be changed if you have more than one cpu core.

Please enable this if you have an multicore system.

Last update on 2009-12-01 by Torsten Späte.

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