Audio features

Integrated audio engine for playing audio media and livestreams

  • Supports many audio formats (See below)
  • Built-in cross & volume fading
  • Livestream playing & recording with title detection
  • Multithreading support
  • ID3 Tag v1/v2 support
  • APE Tag support
  • Directshow support
  • Music CD (CDA) support

Supported audio formats

Fileype Description Built-in
.669 669 Composer (*.669) No
.AAC Advanced Audio Codec (*.aac) Yes
.AC3 Dolby Digital Audio (*.ac3) Yes
.AIF Audio Interchange Format (*.aif) No
.AIFC Audio Interchange Format Compressed (*.aifc) No
.AIFF Audio Interchange Format (*.aiff) No
.APE Monkey Audio (*.ape) Yes
.AU Sun Audio (*.au) No
.BRT BeRoTracker (*.brt) No
.CDA Music CD (*.cda) Yes
.FLA Free Lossless Audio (*.fla) Yes
.FLAC Free Lossless Audio (*.flac) Yes
.IMF Imago Orpheus (*.imf) No
.IT ImpulseTracker (*.it) No
.M4A Apple Lossless Audio (*.m4a) Yes
.MAC Monkey Audio (*.mac) Yes
.MID MIDI Sequence (*.mid) No
.MIDI MIDI Sequence (*.midi) No
.MOD ProTracker (*.mod) No
.MP+ Musepack Audio (*.mp+) Yes
.MP1 Mpeg1 Audio (*.mp1) Yes
.MP2 Mpeg2 Audio (*.mp2) Yes
.MP3 Mpeg3 Audio (*.mp3) Yes
.MPA MPA (*.mpa) No
.MPC Musepack Audio (*.mpc) Yes
.MPP Musepack Audio (*.mpp) Yes
.MT2 MadTracker 2 (*.mt2) No
.MTM MultiTracker (*.mtm) No
.OFR OptimFROG Audio (*.ofr) Yes
.OFS OptimFROG Audio (*.ofs) Yes
.OGG Free Lossless Audio (*.ogg) Yes
.OKT Oktalyzer (*.okt) No
.RA RealAudio (.ra) No
.RMI MIDI Sequence (*.rmi) No
.S3M ScreamTracker 3 (*.s3m) No
.SND Sun Audio (*.snd) No
.STM ScreamTracker (*.stm) No
.TTA The True Audio (*.tta) Yes
.UMX Unreal Music File (*.umx) No
.WAV Wavestream (*.wav) Yes
.WAX Shortcut to Wavestream (*.wax) No
.WMA Windows Media Audio (*.wma) No
.WOW Mod's Gave/Grave Composer (*.wow) No
.WV WavPack Audio (*.wv) Yes
.XM FastTracker 2 (*.xm) No