History of Xenorate

In the beginning, Daniel Becker and his very good friend Torsten Sailer shared the same vision, to work at the computer and program our own small but functional tools to make interacting with the computer easier. These tools were designed to automate some of the time-consuming and repetetive tasks we face on a regular basis. Our vision was clear but our scope was small.

In 1998 we decided that we wanted to professionalize our activities and develop these "tools" under a company name and not just our own names. We decided to found our own little company and called it "Encorex". It doesn't mean anything but it sounded interesting.

We started developing larger, more complex and more helpful tools. One of them was a multimedia player for listening to music. Its name at that time was "MMX Player" and it was later changed to "Xalerate", but the name was already copyrighted before we could register it. Around that time, Frederic Blasche, who, like Daniel Becker, has extensive administration and public relations experience, joined our team. The creative core of Encorex was made complete with the addition of Philip Schulz-Klingauf, a specialist in the area of graphics and design.

Later we renamed Xalerate and called it "Xenorate". Having learned from past experiences, we copyrighted the name and reserved the xenorate.com internet domain. Since the official website’s inception on February 5, 2003, we have had on November 1, 2003 150.000 downloads and more than 3.000.000 site requests for http://www.xenorate.com

The development of Xenorate is a continuously evolving process. Originally designed to play music files, Xenorate has become a remarkably nimble multimedia player that is now able to play almost all types of audio files, movies, DVD’s and almost every kind of multimedia file that you can find on the internet. It has multi-language support and supports a variety of skins so users can personalize their computing environment. Our goal is to continue to develop Xenorate so that it remains the simplest, most comprehensive tool for the playback of multimedia files.

Our greatest thrill came recently when we were approached by a major computer publication telling us they wanted to write an article about our company and the Xenorate project. That was when we truly realized just how far we have come with this project. We hope you have as much fun using Xenorate as we’ve had developing it. It is truly a labor of love for all of us here at Encorex and we greatly appreciate all the feedback we are receiving from our users, especially the ones that include useful design recommendations.

With our recent “6-Duck” review from NoNags (www.nonags.com), we feel we are on the right track and look forward to the opportunities and challenges which lie ahead.